Glass Drilling Cutting Milling Machine

Glass Drilling  Cutting Milling  Machine


Glass Drilling Cutting Milling Machine


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The same functional devices on the market today include high-pressure water jet equipment and glass processing centers. The water jet has high energy consumption (about 30KW ), products made in rough effect, and can not achieve fine grinding of finished products. The function of the glass processing center is exactly the same as our slotting machine. However, the three functions of drilling, notching and grinding of glass processing center are controlled by the system, equipped with tools such as tool magazine and tool holder,and so on.And the three function of drilling,cutting and grinding are finished by changing different cutters,very complex,difficult to operate.Both the cost of the manufacturing and using cost are very high. Our glass slotting machine is based on our patented combination tool, which realizes the functions of glass drilling, cutting and grinding. It is cheap and easy to operate.