Relaxell Toilet Armrest

Relaxell Toilet  Armrest


Relaxell Toilet Armrest


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Installing a toilet armrest can make the toilet comfortable as an armchair. Like being your hands, whenever you sit down or stand up, it can provide you with safe and powerful support.One Armrest Suitable for All family Members。Different from the market similar products ‘for special groups’, equipped with the concept of comfortable bathroom, Relaxell Toilet Armrest starts from the ordinary family daily applicable habits, steps into every household, and provides a safer and more comfortable toilet experience for each family member.Give your hands a lean and maintain a relaxed, natural posture. Don’t keep your head down, stoop, and reduce the risks of shoulder, neck and lumbar diseases.PU anti-slip handle is soft and medium-hard. It can be gripped firmly and it keeps ordinary temperature all the year around. It does not feel cold in the winter. There is no static electricity。The handle is made of pu and a steel tube. It’s firm and durable, and not easy to break.