Linear LED Water Effect Projector AS3-EW3364

Linear LED Water Effect Projector  AS3-EW3364


Linear LED Water Effect Projector AS3-EW3364


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Our self-developed linear LED water effect projector for outdoor, adopts 120W LED light source, with high brightness, low power consumption and long lifespan; adopts unique mechanical waterproof structure system to make sure the stability for outdoor use; adopts stainless steel laser engraving, stepper motor drive, subdivision control system, and support clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation at variable speed, adopts multi-way constant current driver control, and overheating protection. The product has good luminous efficiency and high image fidelity, long-life light source, energy saving and environmental protection, IP65 rating and DMX512 standard signal, designed by high power LED light source, high-precision optical lens and special optical system, and paid attention to high luminous efficiency, and can project the smooth and clear colors.