MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch --- Las Vegas

Date: 2017.1.5—2017.1.8

Address: Las Vegas Convention Center 

The January 8th, 2017 marks a successful ending of the four-day World Excellent Exhibition directed by MEI Awards. As the world's largest consumer electronics show, the annual CES is an international stage where major electronics manufacturers compete to showcase their latest products and concepts. CES is also regarded as the wind vane of the field of science and technology consumption and the products displayed cover artificial intelligence, home appliances, automotive, smart home, wearable sports and other fields.

No matter the eye-catching giant-screen TVs, unmanned vehicles, innovative smart phones or virtual reality devices, they all surprise the whole world. This year is the 50th anniversary of CES, so both the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors reached a new high compared to previous years. Hundreds of intelligent products have caught the audiences’ eyes.

The exhibition, filled with Chinese elements, attracts more than 3,800 exhibitors, of which more than 1,300 from China. In the past, Chinese enterprises have been widely criticized for the number of products and the lack of innovation. Many exhibitors used to sell mobile phone shells, mobile power bank, adapters and other common products. However, in this year's show, ZTE, DJI, Lenovo, Hisense, Changhong, Huawei and other familiar companies from China released several new products or upgrades. What’s more, Xiaomi and Suning also showed their first performance on international stage. Products from these Chinese manufacturers has reached the world leading level in some specific fields, especially in the UAV, virtual reality. They are even acknowledged by American market.





The MEI Organizing Committee selected those who have won 2016 awards consumer electronics products and displayed them in CES. 20 products of high quality have attracted many buyers’ attention and many big buyers show their interest in our products.

Purchasers’ feedback

Quality, design, creativity and new technology were the key words commented by those purchasers in this exhibition. Buyers paid more attention to keywords-related products. Such as product quality, many buyers gave their feedback that the current US market has a relatively strict control of quality and Chinese products were always defined with bad quality in the past. However, in recent years, many enterprises have started to pursue high equality and many buyers in Europe and America have turned their attention to Chinese market. Gradually they found that China also has good products and China can also be selected as one of their suppliers.

In this conference, many products attracted purchasers’ attention, such as electronic product labels, multi-function bicycle audio, outdoor multi-functional tools, variety speakers, aroma machine, handheld PTZ, etc.

IKEA United States purchasing agents was interested in the aroma machine and spoke highly of this machine no matter from its appearance or product experience. Wal-Mart global buyers were very interested in ear-ear headphones and consulted the project scale and product details. Kate Spade buyers were also interested in the design of the Variety speaker family and had a strong desire to buy. Purchaser manager from Carrefour Spain Division visited the MEI booth and showed his particular interest in our Grand Awards products like product electronic tags and handheld PTZ. Those buyers said that China-made products have improved a lot in the product quality and design dimensions and they are willing to cooperate with such Chinese enterprise to find good made-in-China products.





Chinese suppliers’ feedback

In the CES show, we were pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to our familiar brands, other companies also showed their excellent performance in the products’ quality ,products, design, and promotion. Especially those companies located in the Golden Sands Pavilion, their products vary from smart home, robots, health products, 3D printers, intelligent sleep products and  intelligent education.  In the domestic market promotion they also make full use of the third e-platform  such as Jingdong, Taobao to improve their promotion. For overseas markets, through distributors or the sales channels, we can see that Chinese suppliers have raised their awareness of brands’ promotion.





Many participated exhibitors speak highly of MEI Awards brands, that the activity we organized can help and support enterprises to build their own brands and to promote their products to foreign countries. Thus, more and more foreign purchasers will have opportunity to take a look at our high-quality products which show Chinese products’ innovation. Through on-site registration, we can see that more and more people get to recognize us.

The MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch makes the whole world know about the power and theory of MEI, that is making joint efforts to transform Made-in-China to Quality-made-in- China, thus showing the beauty of China to the global world.

2017 MEI Awards Product Launches Schedule


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