MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch --- Dubai BIG 5 2018

Date: 2018.11.26—2018.11.29


The November 29th, 2018 marks a successful ending of the four-day World Excellent Exhibition directed by MEI Awards in The Big 5 Dubai.

As the Middle East’s most influential and the largest construction, building materials and service exhibition. It brings together more than 2,601 exhibitors from 60 participating countries, including about 600 Chinese exhibitors, while attracting in excess of 65,000 professional visitors.

Visitors come to discover the latest innovations, meet suppliers, network with local distributors and source new products. They get to discover solutions to their industry challenges on this exhibition floor.


The MEI Organizing Committee selected 13 products of high quality who have won 2017and 2018 awards construction products and displayed them in BIG5. More than 200 selected awards products have been showed at SMATR EXPO the same time. Among them, the safety padlock, fingerprint locks, PPR pipe and fittings, and the acoustic panel have attracted the attention of many buyers at the scene.

Purchasers’ feedback

Most of the buyers are professional buyers, engineering contractors and distributors. They are mainly from Middle East countries such as Cyprus, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates etc, and some of them are from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Among the products, many buyers are more interested in solar energy products, wind energy products and other new energy building materials and tools, such as solar panel, solar air conditioner, wind turbine, construction tools etc. Different form the past, buyers are more concerned about the quality, parameters and after-sales service of the products, not only the price.

Many buyers speak highly of MEI Awards , that the platform we provided can help them to find high-quality products from china quickly and easily.

Chinese suppliers’ feedback

With the preparation of the world expo park. Most buyers have a relatively broad demand for the basic building materials, such as wallboards, aluminum profiles, floors, stones and steel fibers, etc. It attracted many Chinese suppliers to show their products, and Most of them have the certifications, and some products have applied for relevant patents already. A Chinese supplier said, “Many buyers in the Middle East have turned their attention to Chinese market. Gradually they found that China also has good products and China can also be selected as one of their suppliers.”

In The Big 5, Many participated exhibitors heap praise on of MEI Awards brands, that the activity we organized can help and support enterprises to build their own brands and to promote their products to foreign countries. Thus, more and more foreign purchasers will have opportunity to take a look at our high-quality products which show Chinese products’ innovation. At the scene, a lot of Chinese enterprises have signed up to participate in the selection of China's manufacturing in 2019. We expect to see more outstanding products emerge this year!

In 2019, We will continue to show the beauty of China to the global world. For more information, please visit our website: or the wechat public account (@MEI AWARDS)