MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch --- Las Vegas CES 2018

Date: 2018.1.9—2018.1.12

Address: Las Vegas Convention Center 

The January 12th, 2018 marks a successful ending of the four-day World Excellent Exhibition directed by MEI Awards. As the world's largest consumer electronics show, the annual CES is an international stage where major electronics manufacturers compete to showcase their latest products and concepts. CES is also regarded as the wind vane of the field of science and technology consumption and the products displayed cover artificial intelligence, home appliances, automotive, smart home, wearable sports and other fields.


At this year's CES show, automotive technology is the strongest innovation series, with three major trends: electric cars, driverless cars, and car networking. Looking back at CES in recent years, the number of car manufacturers has been increasing, making it feel like CES is the equivalent of half an auto show. This year, the situation is becoming more and more fierce. As a major part of this year's CES, automobile technology has no competitors, and even the media will call it "automobile technology exhibition". This year, as many as 500 automobile technology enterprises have participated in the exhibition, and the booth covers an area of nearly 30,000 square meters, which directly opens the first year of automobile technology.

China's brand is recognized by CES, and over these years, there are more than 4,000 enterprises from more than 150 countries and regions at CES 2018, with Chinese enterprises accounting for one third, and China has a bright spot in "black science and technology" with independent intellectual property rights. In the field of home appliance enterprises, the Japanese brands have gradually declined, while China's ChangHong, TCL and haier have begun to erode the territory of Japanese manufacturers, and gradually become encircled by samsung and LG in the booths.


At the CES show, China has attracted worldwide attention, and CES has become a collection point of Chinese brands, especially in suning. Suning has shown unattended shop on the CES, which is a program that has never been seen in any of the past CES, and suning's unattended shop is basically a robot identity to enter the store and pay for Recognition of the face, which is the world's first unattended, unattended event, and this is a truly amazing world. More and more Chinese brands in the field of technology now are more competitive and willing to take a step in the field, which show the charm of China's creation to global consumers.


The MEI Organizing Committee selected those who have won 2017 awards consumer electronics products and displayed them in CES. 18 products of high quality have attracted many buyers’ attention and many big buyers show their interest in our products.

Buyers’ feedback:

Quality, design, technology, innovation

These are the key words mentioned by the purchasers in the show, and the purchasers have relatively high attention to the products with the above keywords. Such as appearance design, some of the products on display are from the design company, the scene a lot of buyers for the design are very interested in the company's products, the electronic science and technology of product homogeneity phenomenon is very serious, appearance design, whether from the aesthetic Angle, or the point of view of ergonomics, are pluses of the product.In this show, there are many products favored by buyers, such as super mini 3D printer, Mrice Campers 1.0, BrainLink Lite,Jii camera,Snorecircle,Snoppa M1Handheld 3-axis motorized smartphone gimbal,8bitdo Cube Speaker and so on. In particular, the mini 3D printer, due to its very small appearance and ordinary printer, has made many purchasers stop for it. Of course, other products have attracted a large number of buyers to China to make the exhibition.


The head of KOPYRITE company has come to consult many kinds of gift products, and is very interested in cooperating with Chinese factories to explore new products. The network service provider of the exhibition venue came to consult the purchase of wireless signal receiving transmitter products. Although there is no such product on display, it is very willing to recommend the supplier through MEI. Local buyers from the United States are very interested in 3D printers, and there is a strong desire to purchase the products in the field. It was love at first sight for that buyer to experience the use of the product in the field such like BrainLink Lite&Jii camera,and experience the pleasure of playing brain waves. These visiting buyers are very interested in the display products, and they've been given a high review of their product quality and design, and they're willing to cooperate with the Chinese manufacture.


Chinese suppliers’ feedback

In addition to those familiar brands , we could also find the number of china's minor enterprises and Innovation enterprises is growing fast in the CES show.
In the past, Chinese enterprises often bought a small booth to show products, but now many booths have reached the true level of internationalization in terms of area, design and content.Especially in the North Hall, there is an area of 3D printing technology.In the field of 3D printing area, the Chinese exhibitors accounted for about 80%~90%. Most of the domestic suppliers have developed rapidly  in nearly two years of , bescuse the foreign patent of 3D printing technology have expired, so domestic enterprises can now involved in. 3D printing technology is very extensive applicated in the overseas education, health care and manufacturing , now is the best opportunity for Chinese supplier 3D printing industry.
In the CES show,scientific and technological innovation brands from china have caught the audiences’ eyes,which marks a new leap from "Made in China" to "Mind in china".Many participated exhibitors speak highly of MEI Awards brands,they are all willing to take part in the activity.Especially for the design companies, the current foreign market opened slowly,this activity can help and support them to allow more overseas buyers to see innovation and quality Chinese products, that's what they need, to make their products more display platform.Through on-site registration, we can see that more and more people get to recognize us.We look forward to seeing a new leap in Chinese manufactured products this year!

Many participated exhibitors speak highly of MEI Awards brands, that the activity we organized can help and support enterprises to build their own brands and to promote their products to foreign countries. Thus, more and more foreign purchasers will have opportunity to take a look at our high-quality products which show Chinese products’ innovation. Through on-site registration, we can see that more and more people get to recognize us.

The MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch makes the whole world know about the power and theory of MEI, that is making joint efforts to transform Made-in-China to Quality-made-in- China, thus showing the beauty of China to the global world.


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