MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch – Shanghai Station

Date: March, 1-5, 2018

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

In March 4, 2018, MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch- Shanghai Station perfect ended. With the reputation of “New Year's first exhibition”, East China Fair has always been the leading indicator for the import and export trade. The fair set up five professional major theme exhibition: clothing and accessories exhibition, textile fabric exhibition, House wear & Furnishings exhibition, decoration & gift exhibition, modern lifestyle exhibition, attracting a large number of buyers.

MEI Awards booth was located in the E6 cross-border electricity supplier hall, adjacent to the clothing and accessories exhibition. Special booth with a unique display shows a variety of high quality products to the buyers at home and abroad. Each sample has a detailed Chinese and English description for buyers to understand products better.

On the first day, MEI Awards booth was interviewed by a number of media, Some samples like PEGASI Smart Glasses, Organic cotton Instantaneous water uptake Towel , also got a special report.

There are 21 awarded products exhibited offline. All the visitors speak highly of the products' high quality.

Feedback from buyers

After observe the winning products, some buyers sigh with feeling that the MEI Awards products have higher innovation and quality compared to similar products on the market. They can save more time if purchasing directly on the MEI Awards platform. After experienced SE (Smart Expo), the buyers said that this form is very convenient, some large samples can also be showed to the intention buyers in this form, they can directly exchange business cards with suppliers online, get higher efficiency.

Feedback from suppliers

An exhibitor who has continuously participated in the China Fair said: "In the past, when we (exhibitors) participated in the exhibition, customers (purchasers) only asked whether the product could be sold locally, whether there were patents or brands. Now it became different, many (purchasers) now ask whether the product has its own brand, whether the brand is not recognized and whether the product is specialized. At the exhibition, MEI also clearly felt that, the branding of enterprises is getting more important. Many enterprises made it clear after consulting that they did not do labeling and only sold their own brand products. More and more exhibitors have marked the patents, some related certifications and their own brand names in the prominent parts in the exhibition booth.

Many exhibitors speak highly of MEI Awards brands, that MEI Awards can help them find more ideas on product innovation. This kind of exhibition can also help their products exposure at home and abroad to increase brand influence.


MEI Awards World-wide Product Launch - Shanghai Station is the second stop in 2018. Next time we will appearance in Las Vegas on May. If you are interested in any MEI activities, please pay attention to the official website of MEI Awards ( or concerned about the WeChat (@中国制造之美)