MEI Awards World-Wide Product Launch in Shanghai


Date: March, 1-4, 2019

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

 2019 MEI Awards World-wide Product Launch was held during East China Fair. With the reputation of “New Year's First Exhibition”, East China Fair has always been the leading indicator for the import and export trade and it’s also one of the largest international economic and trading events in China with the largest number of customers, which attracts many high-quality buyers.

 MEI Awards booth was located in the E6 Cross-border E-commerce hall with a unique display showed a variety of high quality and innovative products to domestic and abroad buyers. Each sample had detailed Chinese and English description for buyers to understand products better. In addition, we have the amazing Smart Expo (SE), it can also be called the online Virtual Exhibition, helping buyers and suppliers exchange business cards instantly online.

 This year, MEI Awards showed 31 awarded products, such as Vecto Chair, which could be separated to 6 pcs (1 seat+1 back+4 legs), Paper Furniture which could bear more than 180 kilograms, Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl, which could be hanged up after use or roll up, very easy to be stored at home or for travel. Also, MEI show some wonderful products by posters, such as Deep UV Cabinet Sterilizer or Multi-function Foldable Shared Activity Station etc.

Feedback from Buyers

 After carefully checking MEI Awards winning products, most buyers showed great interests to these products. Non-profit MEI Awards committee helps buyers greatly save time and energy in sourcing good Chinese suppliers and products. They witness the change of China manufacturing from “Copy” to “Quality and Innovation”.

Feedback from Chinese Suppliers

 At East China Fair, MEI Awards committee was also delighted to find many top quality Chinese products. For example, an indoor plant growth system which can automatically provide water and sunlight to help plants grow up healthy.

 At the booth, we met some manufacturers who are interested in participating in MEI Awards. Nowadays, for manufacturing industry, only when products have their own design and characteristics, can enterprises develop steadily. MEI is such a great platform to help them develop their design and manufacturing level, discover high-quality products, which is very meaningful.

 It is reported that the next station of MEI Awards World-wide Product Launch will be held in Las Vegas, USA. If you are interested in any MEI activities, please pay attention to the official website of MEI Awards (